My purpose

Why I do what I do

I advice female entrepreneurs how to brand effectively and turn their businesses into loveable and profitable brands,

so that they can boost their sales and attract more of Ideal Clients.

Constant Learning
Massive Action
Great things happen

Make the Great Things Happen For your Business

By working together you will:

Boost your sales and increase your profits

It is not rocket science: brands that are authentic, loveable and resonates with people, attract more clients. More clients often equals more sales. More sales means more profits (if your costs are kept under control).

Attract more Ideal Clients

By knowing well your ideal clients, you have more chances to address their pain-points more effectively. There is nothing more powerful than the brand that resonates with clients, solves their problems, and makes their life better.

Get clarity what to do first

You will start getting the clarity immediately when you identify and address the biggest weaknesses of your brand. We will work on this together and create an action plan that will help you to stay focused on what needs to be done first.

Align your brand with your personality

When you turn your passion into profits, building a brand that is aligned with who you are, is essential success factor. This will humanise your business and make the whole branding process more natural and easy for you.

Remove resistance and take action

We tend to procrastinate when we do not know or dislike something. Not everybody needs to love or know branding, but if you have a business, you have a brand that you need to take care of. The sooner you remove resistance towards branding, get the right mindset, and start taking massive action, the sooner you will see positive results.

Tap your untapped sources of creativity

Once you get more clear how you want your clients to perceive your brand and you, you will become more creative and comfortable in branding your business.

Boost your confidence as a brand leader and business owner

By knowing how to brand effectively and what is good vs bad for your brand, you increase the level of your confidence and take smarter business decisions.

Gain peace of mind

To never struggle is to never grow. But too long struggle can negatively affect your mood, motivation, and productivity. Working 1:1  gives us an opportunity to fully focus on you and your business, address your biggest branding struggles, and fill in the gaps, so that you can get your peace of mind back and start growing your business.



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How we will work together

You will be guided through the secrets of effective branding in a way that will make you feel enthusiastic and confident about your business.


Nobody knows your business better than you. This is why I approach every project with a spirit of collaboration and see you as equal partner in success. You are guides and supported by me in every step of the branding process. We will build your brand together.


Feeling understood is a powerful experience. Until you truly and genuinely understand your clients – their lives, needs, desires, dreams, pains and struggles – you can’t truly serve them. The search for authentic connection starts with the lost art of listening. For me truly listening is hearing YOUR needs.


Tony Robbins says « The path to success is to take massive, determined action ». If you want to build the brand personality that resonates with people, then you need to be ready to take action and be the leader of your brand. I will be next to you through the whole journey until you feel confident to manage your brand independently.

Work with me

Advice - Coach - Empower

I operate as a brand consultant/coach hybrid. I believe that in order to build loveable, profitable, and timeless brand you need both:

smart branding strategy AND brand leadership skills to manage your brand consciously and wisely. 

Branding is a lifetime process and believe me, nobody will be a better BRAND LEADER for your business than YOU.


You laid brand foundations and now what?

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My story

A 7-year old girl sits on the bed in the hospital, waiting for her first open heart surgery. She is playing with her toys and having fun. The next moment she remembers is when the doctors were taking off the tubes from her mouth few hours after surgery. The nurse asked her if she needs anything. To the amazement of the personnel she asks for piece of paper and crayons. She loves playing with colours and draw her own cartoons.  The same day the doctors says to her mom: “This girl will conquer the world!”. This girl was me, 30 years ago. Today I am mother, wife, and female entrepreneur.




Since I remember I was a changemaker. Warrior. Firestarter. Always driven by an internal fire, a deep craving to create, transform, and shake things up. I had a hard time committing to projects unless I was fully bought in to the mission or purpose. If I was not happy about something in my life, I was working hard to improve it. This is how I got from finance to marketing, and from high-tech industry to luxury. On the way I completed Master of Marketing Design program from School for Professional Design in USA, and Executive Master of Marketing & Sales (EMMS) from ESADE Business School in Spain and SDA Bocconi School of Management in Italy, working full-time most of that period.




The same year I completed EMMS and started looking for more fulfilling job, the Universe put me 4 times in the row through the same experience (I guess I did not learn the lesson first time). Four times I arrived to the last stage of job interview, presented a marketing solution to the real company’s problem, impressed the board of directors, to finally discover that although they took my ideas on board they did not hire me. I was devastated, hopeless, and confused. I wanted to understand why all of this has happened, but I couldn’t. Until one day it hit me. After countless sleepless nights and replays in my head, I understood that all of this happened because I did not want to work for anybody else any longer.




As a mom I needed flexibility that nobody couldn’t offer me. As a firestarter I felt the itch to create a business that’s aligned with my vision and feeds my passion. I get a thrill when thinking about me being the sole owner, creator, and director of my time and life. Since I remember, I wanted to build the business with strong moral backbone that will be as beneficial to other people as possible.  I dreamt of advising passionate female entrepreneurs how to build and lead their unique brands. Making branding easier for them and seeing them and their businesses thriving make me ecstatic. This was IT! I felt ready to turn my passion and talent for branding into profits! In February 2017 Blein.Consulting was born. I knew from the very beginning that it will be a challenge, but I also knew that…



Today I advise, coach, and empower other female entrepreneurs, who like me, DARE TO REACH THE HIGHEST STARS.



Founder of Blein.Consulting


Brand & Customer Experience Architect


Firestarter & Problem Solver

My Values


I believe integrity is when you do what is right and not what is easy. It is when the thing that you say, and the thing that you do are in perfect alignment.


I believe that enthusiasm is one of the key ingredients to make the things work. At the end “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”/ Ralph Waldo Emerson


I believe that creativity is essential to make the magic happen. Combined with imagination and passion can change the world.


I believe that challenges are the best opportunities to grow. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth.



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People say about me


CHRISTIANE BILAT  – Founder and Director of Honesty

When you start your company or you want to align your brand fully , it's like giving a birth to a baby. The difference is that when it comes to child, you can see photos, videos, and hear its voice. When it comes to your company, it is up to you to explain the DNA of your « child », you may have a precise image of your brand in your head but explaining your company’s DNA (which is very intagible) to your customers is challenging. Beyond the clarity of what you want to convey, you need to know your clients well to be sure they’ll understand your brand’s DNA. As entrepreneurs, we are so « in » that sometimes we find difficult to take the distance that is neccassary to see if our clients understand our messages. Moreover the world changes and it changes rapidly, it is important to be aligned with the expectations of the customers.

For us working with Joanna (BLEIN.CONSULTING) was a necessary step to get clarity on one hand, and align our brand with our mission, vision, and objectives on other hand. We have received concrete tools to implement quickly the adjustments that make the whole difference. We have now a reliable strategy on all aspects of our communication also in regards to social networks and our website.

CHRISTIANE BILAT – Founder and Director of Honesty
Unnur Valborg Hilmarsdottir – Business Owner –

Joanna is my newfound branding expert. In a very short time she was able to help me get more clarity in regards to my brand and how to get my message across in alignment with who I am. That will help me move forward with my business.

Unnur Valborg Hilmarsdottir – Business Owner –
Aileen Clancy Ruess –

During our sessions on branding we set my priorities for the values and meaning of my brand.

For the person without a marketing background Joanna's insights were very valuable.

Thank you Joanna for this new perspective that will be so important to the building of my business.

Aileen Clancy Ruess –

I was not very sure of my branding - truth is that I didn´t know really well what the word “branding” meant. I had created my website by myself, quite intuitively without knowing much about anything. So when Joanna proposed me to take a look at what I had done on my own, I felt so relieved. It was so nice to receive her opinion and suggestions – she is such a beautiful professional, sweet and encouraging… our whole session was a pure joy. She understood immediately my vision and what I had tried to create. And she gave me the confidence I was lacking about my branding. I would definitively work with her again in the future, because I know she will always help me from a place of absolute love and service.


Loredana Mihaela – Solopreneur

The 1-on-1 session I had with Joanna was extremely helpful as she guided me through the process of putting in place the most important elements for my company's brand. She was very specific and focused on my company's needs and therefore extremely valuable. I highly recommend Joanna, as she is a true professional!

Loredana Mihaela – Solopreneur

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